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Book 2 Unit 3 Computer


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【Study Aims】  To learn about the development of computers.

【Key Point】  To get the main idea and detailed information about the passage.

【Difficult Point】  To talk about the influence of computers on we human beings.

Teaching Goals:

◆Knowledge goals:

1. Get the students to learn the useful expressions in this part.

2. Let students learn about history and basic knowledge of computers.

◆Ability goals:

1. Improve Ss’ skills of skimming and getting the information by the reading practice.

2. Develop Ss’ skills of guessing words from the content or the structure of the words.

3. Cultivate Ss’ ability of discourse analysis and summary.

◆Emotion goals:

Let Ss feel that computer is always changing fast and widely used in our society. Besides, Ss should understand the good and bad effects of surfing on line and make reasonable use of network resources. 


Learning Procedures

Step 1 Lead-in

1.Look at the pictures on page17 and talk about the development of computers and try to number the pictures in  time order. 

2.Can you predict what the next development will be?


Step 2 Fast reading

1. Skim the passage especially the title and the pictures and try to predict the main idea of the passage

The passage is mainly about the _______ of the computer.

In the passage, I refers to  _______.

2.Scan the passage and try to find out the topic sentence of each paragraph.




Do exercise 1 on page 19.(B)


Step3 Careful reading

1.Read the passage carefully and choose the best answers to these questions

1. How long did it take before the computer was built as an analytical machine? _______
       A. more than 500 years           B. over 300 years   

       C. less than 100 years             D. nearly 200 years

2. When did the computer “ think ” logically? _______

       A. Before it was built as an analytical machine.

       B. After it was programmed by using cards with holes.

       C. Before it was made as a personal computer.

       D. After it was connected with others through the Internet.

3. Why did I totally change my shape? _______

A. Because I could do many things.             

B. Because I could simplify sums.

C. Because my memory improved.              

D. Because I never forget anything.

4. According to the last paragraph, which was not mentioned in the use of the computer? _______

A. Bikes                       B. Mobile phones        

C. Rockets                          D. Robots

5. Which of the following statements is TRUE? _______

       A. Charles Babbage built an analytical machine in 1642.

       B. A “ universal machine ” was built to solve any mathematical problem in 1936.

       C. The computers were connected by a network in the late 1960s.

       D. As time went by, I grew older and bigger.

6. We can infer from the text that computers will _______

A. sooner or later take the place of the human race.

 B. be much smarter than human beings in intelligence.

 C. be applied to many fields in our lives.

 D. really think and feel like us in the near future.


Step 4 :语法填空

I’m a computer. It took nearly two hundred years  1  I was built as a machine. Young as I was, I could     2 (simple) difficult sums. After I was put into use, it was considered a technological revolution. By the 1940s I  3          (grow)as large as a room, and this reality also   4   (worry) my designers. As time went  5   I was made smaller and smaller .Later on I  6  (total)change  my shapes. Over time my memory has developed so much    7 I  never forget anything I have been told. But I was so lonely standing there by myself, until in the early 1960s I was connected by a net work.  8     the  1970s many new  9   (apply)  have been found for me. I have become very important  10

communication, finance and trade. Now, I’m truly a good friend of the human race. 


Step 5:Discussion

Brainstorm: Make a list about what usually you or your family do with computer connected with net.

Discussion: Should high school students surf the internet?

Group work: Divide the Ss into 6 groups and discuss whether it’s good or bad to surf on line.

Before the discussion, I will write down some sentence patterns on the blackboard:

I agree / I don’t agree that …

Because …

In my opinion …

The advantage / disadvantage is …

Then each group send a student to represent their own opinion in front of the class. 





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